A taste of luxury - Herald on Sunday

Our recently launched Mey Selections single malt whisky is featured in the Herald on Sunday and we received a fantastic review.

As written by Andy Clark.

“There are a lot of them about – people who are experts on whisky, and take every single opportunity to let people know it. Their pearls of wisdom are repeated so often that it’s like they’ve become the law – challenging them is sacrilege.

And one of the most common myths they espouse? “Real quality only comes with age.”

Take this spectacular Glen Ord – going by our experts’ view, a 12 year old dram this good simply shouldn’t exist. Yet here it is, bottled by independent whisky merchant Goldfinch, though only 689 bottles are in existence.

It oozes class – on the nose you’re hit by spices and the rich sweetness of butterscotch. This is real decadence but without even a hint of brashness.

The palate is luxurious and smooth, sweet and lively, with vanilla, dried fruit, and just a hint of spice, while the finish is long and satisfying. “Pure decadence,” I wrote in my notes.

This Glen Ord is the first expression Goldfinch has released in its Mey Selections Rare Cask Series, so watch this space to see what other wonders are coming our way.

Mey Selections was founded in 2005 by Prince Charles to showcase the best of the Scottish Highlands and support rural communities. A donation from every bottle sold will go towards supporting rural communities in the far north of Scotland through the charity behind Mey Selections.”

Order now to secure one of the final bottles available from our first cask release.