The Kilnsman’s Dram


A critical and often under rated component of the whisky making process. Kilning, requires skill and experience to ensure the malt delivers a consistent flavour profile for peated or unpeated whisky. Not simply drying out the barley after germination but stopping the grain using the starch which is essential during distilling. The Kilnsman needs to consider the moisture content, temperature control and the need to effectively render enzymes inactive before milling at just the right point.

11 years old from Islay finished in a sherry Octave, only 98 bottles available.

A peated 13 year old Speyside full of vanilla and toffee.

Heather peat smoke from this sherried 14 year old whisky from Orkney.

A lost art

There are only a handful of distilleries with working Kilns. This includes The Glenturret, Springbank, Bowmore and Highland Park and even fewer who hand turn the Malt. Ensuring energy is used in the most efficient way is to be balanced with the speed of the drying process. After the break point the malts flavour profile comes from the starch and cereal to add sweet, biscuity and malt notes to the whisky. When peated, you require moisture to help absorb the smoke. The Kilnsman understands these delicate nuances and will work closely with the Master Distiller.

The Kilnsman’s Dram

Celebrates the dedication, experience and ability to read the requirements of a malting floor and the interaction between the grain and the heat. We released this range to shine a light on this skill set which is dying out in distilleries but is being modernised through modern craft maltsters using mechanised systems.

When you see the thumb print on the bottle, you know the Kilnsman would have approved of the spirit quality.

First release focusses on Peated Single Malt

We select casks from a range of distilleries. This includes a selection of peated casks made from European oak and finished in first fill Oloroso sherry. Visit our shop and selected retailers to purchase one of our very limited bottles.