Based in Scotland, Goldfinch Whisky are a small and established team of highly creative wine and spirits experts - whisky innovators, curators and explorers.

Classic, contemporary or bespoke, each GOLDFINCH cask is hand selected for the enjoyment of discerning whisky collectors, enthusiasts and investors around the world and carries a clear provenance. Every bottle we release under our own brand or on your behalf is exquisitely packaged with beautiful, original artwork.

Why The Goldfinch?

The European Goldfinch – marked out by the vibrant splash of red on its head – makes its summer home in Scotland, stripping feathery down from our native thistles to line its nest. When winter falls, these distinctive little birds migrate to the south of Spain, settling close to the sherry bodegas that the whisky industry relies for its supply of richly seasoned casks.

Collectively known as a ‘charm’, and a prevalent symbol in art through the ages, the goldfinch represents prosperity, optimism and variety – values close to our heart and fundamental to our business.

Meet The Team

Drawing on our 25 years in the industry, we aim to combine our own extensive experience with an innovative take on curating distinctive, intriguing and exclusive expressions.


Managing Director

Andrew has worked with some of the world’s finest single malt whisky brands including The Macallan, Highland Park, The Glenrothes and Famous Grouse. As the owner and founder of Goldfinch Whisky, he has delivered on an exclusive partnership to curate a series of single cask releases for HRH, King Charles’s brand ‘Mey Selections’ and develop new single malt brands such The Goldfinch, The Kilnsman’s Dram, Bisou and the award winning Paloma which are enjoyed around the world. 



Ros is a luxury spirits and wine expert with over 20 years of experience in senior positions including buying and drinks production with a diploma in wines and spirits. Ros oversees all things related to production at Goldfinch, making sure our beautiful bottlings hit the shelves on time and in perfect condition, from managing the cask re-racking programme and forecasting to sourcing all the materials for each launch. She has a nose for buying and creating exciting new products and firmly believes that the devil is in the detail.


Business Manager

Leane has joined Goldfinch Whisky as our Business Manager. With 10 years of experience in customer service, marketing and events management, we knew she’d be a great help for us here at Goldfinch. Leane has previously worked at Glengoyne distillery for 4 years and was responsible for promoting the brand. She has conducted whisky tours so her knowledge on all things whisky is second to none.


Sales Manager

Michael is a Scottish whisky industry stalwart having spent the last 17 years working in specialist whisky shops and distilleries. He’s a huge resource for Goldfinch and integral to our sales team. Michael will focus on sales and overseas market support to ensure we build our brands in partnership with our importers and customers to ensure our growth strategy. With a passion for the history of the industry and flair for hosting tastings, he is a great addition to the team.