How to realise the value from your whisky collection.

Billed as the “The Ultimate Whisky Collection”, Sotheby’s are set to auction off the most valuable single owner collection ever. With 467 bottles and 9 casks it has an estimated value of £4 million. However, the auction could achieve a lot more. It shows a real investment growth by focussing on whisky.

Don’t be daunted by the original purchase price of some limited editions in this collection. Whisky fans can find exclusives from as little as £80 from Highland Park that often double in value. Or consider pooling resources to invest in bottles selling for £6,250 e.g The Macallan 40 yrs old, which again doubled in value in two days. Highly sought after bottles are offered in ballots to ensure a fair sale but this process can be slow, with the majority not having the chance to buy.

An alternative is to purchase a cask from a trusted source. After a few years of maturing, the cask can either be bottled or sold as an older more mature whisky, for a large profit, as demonstrated in this collection. Whisky prices can go down as well as up but by ensuring the whisky comes from a reputable distillery and is in good wood. It’s an investment opportunity to seriously consider.