Creating a new single malt whisky is of course about the liquid first but the brand should tell the story and allow you to connect visually to what you are about to taste. 

We care about the environment and because of this have used fully recyclable elements in every part of the production process. From the outset, we aimed for a luxurious finish.

We printed the labels on Cotone Bianco paper stock. It’s 100% cotton paper with added bulk which works brilliantly for graining and embossing. It gives a really high-end feel and finish, which is what we were aiming for. The stock was used for the front, back and neck labels. Regarding finishes, we added a foil plate on both labels to pull out certain features.

It took us 24 months and around 50 samples to find the perfect bottle for the Paloma range. We had several false starts, which caused frustrating delays, all in the context of a global pandemic and global glass shortage. Although it was a long time coming, we couldn’t be happier with our choice. The final bottle exudes sophistication and elegance with its iconic shape, layered base and elegant neck.

Crucially we hadn’t encountered any other single cask bottlings in this glass, meaning we could launch our range knowing it would be completely individual.

To close the bottles, we had custom corks made in Portugal, using natural Portuguese cork and finished with a dark stained beech top with our iconic goldfinch etched on. All of our 2023 Paloma bottlings will include this custom cork.

Finally, we used a fully biodegradable, home-compostable, plastic-free tamper seal to seal the bottles. These are made from UK wood pulp and taken from renewable sources.

We are delighted with the final result of our Paloma range. All the detail that went into the production of this brand is why we are proud that it is award-winning.