Why the Goldfinch?

The European Goldfinch.

Commonly identified by the vibrant splash of red on its head yellow wing patch. The bird makes its summer home in the highlands of Scotland and migrates to the south of Spain for winter, settling close to the sherry bodegas. The whisky industry heavily relies on the sherry houses for a constant supply of richly seasoned casks.

A fact about the Goldfinch bird – they can be found in some religious art from the Italian Renaissance period. Due to their diet being mainly seeds from thistles, the bird was associated with ‘Christ’s crown of thorns’ and was referred to as the ‘saviour’ bird.

Recently we have been asked why we chose the Goldfinch for our brand. At Goldfinch HQ, we have a lot of Goldfinch visiting during the summertime. We love seeing these colourful birds in our garden, so we did our research and realised it would be perfect for our brand.

The Goldfinch represents prosperity, optimism and variety – values close to our hearts.